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From the Eyes of Cain – Variances – Album Cover

From the Eyes of Cain - Variances - Album Cover

Just did this album cover for From the Eyes of Cain.


Bearsnail – Screen Printed Tour Poster

This is a print is did for Bearsnail’s winter tour 2012.

Its a 12 x 18 three color screenprint on 100# Kraft Fiber including a metalic gold, and transparent layer. Signed, numbered, and limited to 50.

Check it out in the store!

Martyr’s Ball – 2011 Screen Printed Poster

Its Martyr’s Ball time of year again, and this is the new poster to celebrate it. This year, featuring Lee Kyung Hae, Maria Spiridonova, and Geronimo Ji-Jaga.

Proceeds made from this poster will benefit The Denver Anarchist Black Cross. You can pick one up at P&L Press.

Tierra y Libertad!

I did this for the Intifada Artshow in Denver, CO. Come check it out in person on 12/11/10.  Giclee prints will be available at the show, and are now available in my store!

Martyr’s Ball – Screen Print

…and here’s the printed version.  Three colors on 80# Celestial Blue, signed numbered and limited to 80. Pick it up in my store!
All proceeds made from this poster will benefit The Denver Anarchist Black Cross.

martyrs ball-full

martyrs ball-deets

David Rovics – Troubador – Album Cover

I just finished this huge album cover project for David Rovic’s new album, Troubador.david rovics - troubadorHe had a vague idea of a night forest theme, and I came up with the idea of telling legends of radical history through constellations. Not only did I illustrate the cover, cd label, and lyrics book, but I did all the printing and assembling as well (with the help of my coworkers at P&L Printing). Its the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work on every aspect of the production of a new album. We even hosted his cd release show at the print shop.

Check out David’s music at www.davidrovics.com.