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Q-Box – Black Orleans – Album Cover


This was a fun concept from German Metal band QBOX.


Striker – Damn Hell Ass Kings – Shirt Design


Its always fun to work with STRIKER, they have such fun ideas and thing always end up translating well.

The Night Marchers – Tee Shirt Design – For Sale!

I did this tee design for a Hawaiian Surf Company, but it was later rejected. Let me know if youre interested in this design…

Equus – Screen Print for the Sidney Lumet Tribute Artshow

I’m working on an Equus piece again! This time for the movie rather than the play.

This was done for the upcoming artshow, The Machines are Winning: A Tribute to Sidney Lumet. It opens September 9th at the Laundry on Lawrence gallery, Denver, Colorado. Screen prints of everyone’s work will be available at the show, and if there are any leftovers, the next day at Kingdom of Nonsense. I might have a couple extras to sell, but no guarantees!

Superthanks go to Iron Jaiden for making this all happen and letting me be a part of it all.

Interview with Metal Band Art

I just did an interview with Metal Band Art Theyve got alot of other awesome interviews with other industry greats such as Godmachine and Derek Riggs. Theres seriously hours of great reading material over there, so you should definitely check it out.

Heavy Lies the Crown

I started this a few months ago as something to keep me busy between freelance gigs. My goal was to start something that was extremely detailed, incorporated alot of different elements, and had no specific deadline. Its based loosely on the Doomriders song of the same name.

This is also available as a fine art giclee print over in the store.

12″ x 29″ Giclee print on 250 gsm fine art watercolor paper.

Signed & numbered, limited to 100.

Misery Addict – The Deserter – Album Cover

Just realized this never made it into my gallery. I did this one a while back for Misery Addict’s new album, The Deserter.